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Licking the lips Lip your lips with your tongue

Curve your lips forward and make them wide:

Curve your closed lips forward and then draw them back again to a wide mouth without showing your teeth.

Pinch your lips:

Pinch your lips tightly and closely together like a strict governess might do it and then lets them go again. How does it feel when you pinch the mouth together like this? Oppressive?

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Make sucking movements on the back of your hand like an infant at the mother’s breast.

Relaxing the tongue (practice)

The tongue has a great significance for the relaxation of the head and pelvic area and for the activation of the breathing movements in the torso.

v Where is the tongue located?:

Take a moment to observe where your tongue tip is right now and how it is acting.

a) At the upper palate (is it rearing up)?

b) At the upper front teeth (it is pressing forwards and upwards)?

c) At the lower front teeth (it is pressing forwards and downwards)?

d) It is floating between the hard palate and the floor of the mouth?

e) It is laying in the mouth cavity like in a basket (it has a weighty lower side)?

Observing the position of the mouth:

Now during the following or other relaxing exercises observe more often where your tongue is located. The position of the tongue says something about the degree of your relaxation: In what way? Now that is something you will find out for yourself through observing.

Feeling the mouth cavity:

Probe into the mouth cavity with the tip of the tongue. Whilst doing this leave it loose and wide. Try and feel warmth and moistness in the mouth cavity.

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