Breathing Exercises For Copd

Feeling your breathing

Strike yourself once firmly on your hand so that you feel a small amount of pain. Observe your breathing reaction! This is a good opportunity for you to gain a perception of the breathing process in the first place.

Allow the breathing to flow:

In a relaxed prostrate position on your back with the palms of your hands placed on the abdomen, allow your breathing to gently flow into the soft and expanding space of your torso. Then wait for the exhalation. It happens by itself.

g) in the lumbar/sacrum area?

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Breathing wave:

As with the waves on the beach that come in and then flow back out, that is also how our breathing happens. Allow yourself to be lifted up by the crest of the breathing wave during the inhaling and sink down into the trough of the wave during the exhaling. Take a rest in the trough of the wave and enjoy the pause in breathing.

Into which breathing spaces does the breathing movement go?

Place one of the palms of your hands onto your chest and one onto your abdomen. Now observe your

Into which spaces of your body do you allow your breathing to flow? Where do you feel a breathing movement or a breathing impulse?

a) in your chest?

b) in the area around your navel?

c) in your lower abdomen?

d) in your sides?

e) in the area of your shoulder blades?

f) in the centre of the back, meaning near the waist?

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