Breathing Exercises For Asthma

Eavesdropping on the breathing:

You are sitting wide-legged on a chair or are resting lying on your back. Place your hands on your stomach and eaves-drop on your breathing. Thereby release your chest muscles and let the diaphragm do its work. – This is a good relaxation and concentration exercise!

Place the hands on the chest/stomach area – observe the breathing:

Place your right hand on different body parts one by one to feel the breathing: first below the left collarbone, then below the left armpit, whilst the left hand remains on the stomach. Then passive observation, rest, allowing the after effects. Now do the same thing with the left and on the right side.

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Now place your lightly clenched fists one by one on the breastbone, then the palms of your hands gently on the side of the ribcage, then on the stomach, then finally in the groin. Thereby observe your breathing movements.

Place the hands on the back – feel the breathing:

Place the back of your hands one by one onto different places on the back: waist, loin and sacrum area.

Can you feel that everywhere where the hand is placed the breathing movement becomes more lively?

Place hands on chest/stomach and back area (partner exercise):

Partner 1 places their hands as described previously on the chest/stomach and back area of partner 2. On the back they additionally place them on the shoulder blades. Partner 1 is sensitive, so as to eavesdrop on the breathing of the other through perception. They do this exercise quietly and allow themself plenty of time. The breathing of Partner 2 can be felt better and easier when it has been stimulated beforehand through running, cycling, gymnastics or other strenuous movements.

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