Breathing Exercise For Anxiety

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Did you know that breathing is our most important form of nutrition and also communication? We inhale what is around us, and exhale what is in us. The breathing thereby creates the connection between us and our environment.

Breathing is giving and taking and is the exchange between the inside and outside that is indispensable to life. When this interdependence is disturbed, then the human individual also falls out of balance.

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Our life on earth begins with the first breath of the newborn child and ends with the last breath of the dying. During the period in-between the breathing is a mirror of all physical as well as psychological impressions with regard to depth, regularity and peacefulness or agitation, outside just as inside.

For our body it is therefore all about the oxygen. Our life is absolutely dependent on the exchange of oxygen: without oxygen there are no metabolic processes, there is no life: we would already die after 5-15 minutes. Thereby our brain cells react even more sensitively than the rest of the body: they die already afer roughly three minutes.

By contrast one can survive without water and liquids for at least five days, without food for fourteen days and longer, and 65 days and longer without sleep, as e.g. proven with the help of autogenic training of Dr. H. Lindemann during his ocean crossing in 1956 in a dugout canoe. We repeatedly hear about the astonishing feats of the hunger artists, and this not only in the novel of the same name by Franz Kafka.

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