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Breathing and weight loss on For example, the names that the different varnas can choose for their children are circumscribed by Manu, as are the times at which different varna groups can initiate their male children and even the material out of which the sacred thread is to be made. Women are instructed to be subservient to men at all stages of their lives: in childhood to their fathers, in adulthood to their husbands and in old age to their eldest sons.18 The psychological effect of these constraints must have been (and probably still are) profound. Consider Mann s instructions on naming: Let (the first part) of a Brahmana s name (denote) something auspicious, a Ksatriya s be connected with power, and a Vaisya s with wealth, but a Sudra s (express something) contemptible. (The second part of) a Brahmana s name shall be (a word) implying happiness, of a Ksatriya (a word) implying protection, of a Vaisya (a term) expressive of thriving, and of a Sudra (an expression) denoting service.19 Names constitute a significant element to our identities, and we use them most days. The question Where are you going O auspicious one? has a very different effect on a person from Where are you going O contemptible one? Likewise, the feelings that accompany a self-introduction such as I am Benign Bliss will be quite different from those that accompany I am Miserable Bogwasher. Breathing and weight loss 2016.

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