Bow Pose Yoga Benefits

Bow Pose Yoga Benefits

For example, I had a lovely job for two and a half years working in Jersey in the Channel Islands (near France), I loved it. I came back to England and there was the opportunity to go and work in Bermuda. However, this project never quite started and was eventually shelved when the government of Bermuda changed.

Instead I found myself with three projects to work on in very geographically different places in England. I was constantly driving. Still I had a nice boss who was fun to work with.

That all changed when the boss from hell turned up instead. A victim, bawlerand shouter. Constantly swearing at me and criticising most of the time. I felt very uncomfortable and did not relish going into work.

This climaxed with a meeting at his office. The night before the meeting I was reading the Pursuit of Wow by Tom Peters where he recounted where he was unhappy in his working life and he just quit his job. He had a huge mortgage, kids etc. but he was unhappy and he just left.

I decided that if the meeting was as bad as I envisaged I would follow Tom and quit after 5 years with the company.

The meeting was worse than ever. I went straight home, wrote my notice and put it in the post box. I never went back.

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