Bound Angle Yoga Pose

Bound Angle Yoga Pose

Baddha Konasana

This Yoga Pose can be quite challenging at first for Westerners, since we tend to sit in chairs and cars. With a little practice and patience, you 7/ soon find yourself easing into the position, which increases flexibility in the hips, groins, knees, and inner thighs, and removes tension from the pelvis and reproductive organs. Both a forward bend and a hip opener, this Yoga Pose is believed to help with menstrual discomfort, prostate health, hormonal imbalances, and preparation for childbirth.

QUALITY Calming, grounding EFFECT Cleansing, flexibility, tranquility PROPS Blocks, blanket GAZE Inward

1 Begin in a seated position with your knees bent and the soles of your feet on the ground a few inch in front of you. Sit up tall and hug your knees into your chest.

2 Open your knees out to the sides toward the ground and draw the soles of your feet together. If you knees are very elevated, place a block under each knee or a blanket under your sit bones to elevate your hips and release your pelvis.

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3 Wrap your hands around your feet and continue to sit up tall, lengthening your spine and drawing your shoulders down and back to lift your chest as your hips sink into the ground.

4 Begin to hinge forward from your hips, drawing your elbows back by your sides to extend forwarc with your chest and heart. Lengthen your spine as you keep rooting back thorough your hips, and fold forward as far as you can go, reaching your head toward the ground. You can place another block under your head to fully support the Yoga Pose.

5 Stay here for 5 to 10 breaths. Relax and breathe into the Yoga Pose instead of forcing or pushing it. Placi a block under your head if you need it.

6 To come out of the Yoga Pose, walk your hands back to lift yourself up to sit and draw your legs togethe giving them a little shake before moving on to your next Yoga Pose.

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