Boost Your Bone Strength

Eat your greens for stronger bones, suggests a new collection of studies by US scientists. The protein osteocalcin, which prevents bone from breaking, is absorbed into the bone with the help of vitamin K. While more studies need to be done, the researchers believe that by increasing dietary sources of vitamin K, such as green vegetables, you could increase the absorption of osteocalcin. Start protecting your bones today by munching on green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli and kale.

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Make tomatoes one of your five a day to improve your mood. A study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders found that when participants ate tomatoes every day, they were 52 per cent less likely to suffer depression than those who ate other healthy foods such as cabbage, carrots and green leafy veg, which had little or no effect.


Got a cough? Chocolate could be your cure. Theobromine, naturally found in cocoa, is an effective remedy for persistent coughs, say researchers on behalf of the National Heart and Lung Institute. In a study, 60 per cent of patients experienced relief after taking 1,000mg of theobromine twice a day for two weeks. An unsweetened chocolate bar contains 450mg of theobromine and a sweetened chocolate bar contains 150mg.


Despite its high saturated fat content, cheese could be good for you, say UK researchers at biotech company Lycotech. Enjoyed as part of a balanced Mediterranean diet, mouldy cheese, such as French blue-veined Roquefort cheese, has anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, the riper the cheese is, the more it contributes to a healthy gut.


If cereal is your breakfast of choice, try Mini Magoo’s Granuesli, a lighter muesli filled with blueberries, dates and ginger pieces. The cereals are handmade with 100 per cent organic ingredients, and have attracted fans such as members of the Royal family. The gluten-free and sugar-free mix of wheat flakes, seeds, nuts and coconut flakes is also perfect as a base for healthy flapjacks and a topping for fruit crumbles. Buy it at Planet Organic and Wholefoods stores for £5.49.

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