Bolster Yoga Poses

Bolster Yoga Poses

Firstly when you look at your achievements in life compared with your daydreams of what you want, what is the difference? The key difference is that what you have is because you have taken action on your thought, whereas your daydream has not been acted upon. However, you have probably told everyone what your dreams are!

When you look at other people who are successful in an area of their lives, this is easier to see that they have taken action. When they tell you their dreams, it is also easier to spot whether they act on them or not when you meet them again in the future. Those daydreams that they have acted upon are probably reality now or coming to them.

For ourselves we often just block such “failures” out of minds. How can you overcome this failing?

1. Take action NOW And

2. Take action NOW

There are no other choices, even if it is a small action at first just get going and make your dreams your reality. You only get one go at life!!!

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