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Body relaxation on 1 As a god who can send illness and destruction he is feared and has to be appeased, though when such appeasement has occurred words like Siva (auspicious), Sankara (beneficent) or Sambhu (benign) are used of him. In the Taittiriya Samhita he is called lord of cattle or beasts (Pasupati), though he kills as well as protects them. Thus, unlike Visnu, he is never fully regarded as a friend of mankind. There is always a distance between him and his devotees. Also, unlike Visnu, he never incarnates in animal or human form. On the other hand, like Visnu, he was a deity who rose to prominence during the epic and Puranic periods whilst other Vedic deities receded into the theological background. In the Svetasvatara Upanisad Rudra is presented as the great lord (Mahesvara), one of whose names is Siva. Body relaxation 2016.

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