Bikrim Yoga Poses

Bikrim Yoga Poses

Another small snippet that I would add to the above techniques is something from me personally. Since December 1995 I have been keeping an electronic diary in Word. Every day accounted for over a period of 17 years!

However, this gives me some help for dealing with worry in two ways:

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1. I can look back over the years and see records of my reactions/actions to similar news. It helps to stop me worrying as I appreciate that it was not so bad after all and probably for the best, I triumphed in adversity.

2. I can also look back generally over the diary and see times when I “worried” about something. I read an entry for a certain day and I am worrying. But can I remember why? No. I have to search through adjacent days to discover why. And then I usually end up asking myself “why was I worrying about that?”

Maybe keeping a diary is not for you, but I like the discipline of writing every day (and it has helped me to be disciplined in writing blog posts) as well has having a spin-off of allowing me to deal with worry and put it where it belongs – out of my mind. And stops me being busy doing nothing.

I am English and I often think that “we” invented the concept of manners. We like the acknowledgement to us and to others that someone has done a favour and we are grateful. In most societies it is important to use “please” and “thank you” and you should use these words (and other manners) at all times, both in the workplace and outside.

The reason is that you will always be thought of as a polite person and you will be showing gratitude to others that will be important to them. It helps to make a connection with others, builds friendships and teams. All very positive.

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