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An example of the dyadic variable often used in yoga poses these studies32 is called the measure of contingency by Beatrice Beebe. It consists in yoga poses finding what gesture often correlates to another gesture: if we see a body item appear in yoga poses a given context, can we predict which other body item will appear at the same time? Beebe distinguishes between two types of contingencies:

1. A self-contingency: A body item is often associated with another body item in yoga poses the same body. For example, almost every time a subject smiles at another person, she frowns.

2. An interpersonal contingency: A body item of a subject predicts the activation of a body item in yoga poses another person. For example, it often happens that when a subject smiles, the other also smiles.

This allows for the distinction between self-regulation and interpersonal regulation, but it also describes a type of auto-regulation that may have an impact on those who perceive it. This type of auto-regulation is ostentatious to the extent that even if it is activated in yoga poses a nonconscious way, it is part of the mechanisms that regulate the interaction. The research studies that Beebe et al. (2010) refer to and quote report forms of contingencies between a baby and mother that construct themselves in yoga poses less than half a second.

The difficulty with the dyadic effects is that they have become central in yoga poses the current research for purely methodological reasons. We will see, in yoga poses speaking about Stern, Beebe, and Tronick, that certain researchers believe dyadic interactions are a basic building block of human interaction. There is a kind of theoretical bias in yoga poses this. It uses the methodological limitations that make the dyad central to promote an ideology according to which the mother is uniquely responsible for the welfare or discontent of the infant. This point of view is not false, but it can be more or less relative. in yoga poses psychoanalysis, the importance given to the mother-child dyad is special to the researchers in yoga poses the United States; in yoga poses Europe, and in yoga poses Freud’s work, the father often predominates: This father, whom he could not help hating as a rival, was the same father whom he had always loved and was bound to go on loving, who had been his model, had been his first playmate, and had looked after him from his earliest infancy: and this is what gave rise to his first conflict❠(Freud, 1909b, III, 134).

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