Bikram Yoga Poses Video

Bikram Yoga Poses Video

The practice of yoga is a wonderful sandbox to begin the exploration of one degree of change. Notice the effects these small inquires can have on your practice.

If your lower back is extremely flat (meaning not enough lordosis or curve) stand in Mountain pose with your toes in and heels slightly out to generate a greater internal wrap in your inner thighs, increasing your lower back curve for more spaciousness and freedom in the lumbar.

If your wrists are tender in Downward Facing Dog or arm balances activate your whole hand like a claw or suction cup – curl the fingertips down to your mat, plug the lower knuckles and side edge of pinkie and thumb down to the mat as you slightly (super slightly) lift the middle knuckles. This will charge up your forearms, biceps, and triceps and will move pressure away from the carpal tunnel. Alternatively you can roll the front edge of your mat towards you and place your palms on the roll and your fingers off the mat on the floor.

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Close your eyes to a half gaze, and notice what shifts in your practice when you soften the outer vision and amplify the internal sensitivity to actually feel your practice.

Cover your eyes in Savasana with an eye pillow or small towel. This will create greater rejuvenation for the nervous system as darkness indicates to the brain to relax the whole body even more.

At the end of a class put your neighbour’s prop away for them. One little act of kindness can have a huge impact on your happiness and the wellbeing of others.


Walk for twenty-minutes, at least two times per week.


Buy a stainless steel water bottle and carry it around as a constant reminder to drink throughout the day. Water is the second most important fuel for the body after oxygen.

Perform Legs up the wall pose for ten minutes one time a week whilst covering your eyes. This mild inversion will lower your heart rate and cleanse your body through lymph stimulation. Remember to cover your eyes to generate a deeper state of letting go.

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