Bikram Yoga Poses Explained

Bikram Yoga Poses Explained

They too have all been through storms, disagreements, arguments and storming off down the street for a few hours. Yet they have all stayed together.

We can learn so much from marriage and long term relationships. Sure there will be storms and bad days. But it is sticking through it, making up again, and coming out the other side that makes it all worthwhile.

You can apply this to your relationship with the Company where you work, or even your own company.

Sometimes you will work with people you do not particularly like. However, you need to remember to work through issues with these people. They are extremely valuable to you. They have come into your life to teach you. Make sure you take advantage of this and learn. Disagree, discuss, maybe even argue but stick with it. You will learn and you will benefit in your working life by going through this event.

Also the company will inevitably have good financial times and bad financial times. Make sure that you take advantage of the bad financial times and stick with it. Again this is the time where you will learn the most. Pretty much anyone can run a business when it is good times, but in bad times you need to be much more enterprising and resourceful. You will learn more about your company, your colleagues and particularly yourself.

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