Bikram Yoga Breathing

Lion exercise

In the heel sitting position place your hands or your knees whereby you spread your fingers out wide. Now stretch out your tongue as if you want to reach your chin and you are close to feeling choked. Tense your fingers tightly, let your eyes bulge out. Hold on to this tension for a few seconds and then relax. This exercise is an excellent means against sore and inflamed throat. It originates from Hatha Yoga.

Pushing against the palate:

Now push your tongue firmly against the upper palate. Hold the tension for a few seconds and then release it by allowing your tongue to go where it wants to. This exercise often stimulates yawning.

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Stamping the palate:

Now push the tongue against the upper palate and relax it again as if you wanted to leave stamp impressions on the upper palate. Probe through the upper palate piece by piece.

Sticking the tongue down the gullet:

Stretch the tongue far up and back into the throat area, as far as you can, and then let it come back.

Tickling the palate:

Move with the tip of the tongue up and back to the back palate and tickle there slowly to and fro with enjoyment and then allow it to rest again. This is also a very good exercise prior to yawning. Ask yourself thereby occasionally: Where is my tongue positioned? Remember your position and location and compare with the beginning of this exercise. Has something changed already?

Forming a bridge:

Form a bridge with your tongue by pushing against the lower front teeth for a while and then let go again.

Rolling the tongue to a cornet:

Roll your tongue to the shape of a cornet and then let it relax back to the original shape.

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