Bhakti Yoga Poses

Bhakti Yoga Poses

Supporting the Other Elements to Assist the Metal Element.

As outlined in the 5 elements Chapter, if we want to balance out the metal element we also need to take into consideration the elements that feed the Metal Element. This is especially in the case of any illness or disease related to the lungs or large intestine. The elements that nourish and support the Metal element are the Earth element (Shen cycle) and the Wood element (Ko cycle).

Earth Element Nourishment.

– Warm foods with a little spice.

– Avoid damp cold foods and drinks.

– Take your time to eat a nourishing breakfast (eg. Porridge)

– Eat slowly.

– Weights, resistance training (morning is best).

Wood Element Stimulation and Harmonization.

– Increase any movement-based activities, dance more, try a new movement class and commit to a more regular yoga asana practice.

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(Liver energy loves to move)

– Moderate and reduce coffee, alcohol and spicy foods.

– Launch new projects, get inspired and be more social.

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