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Best yoga on Many factors influence the kinds of experiences people have, genetic, geographical and historical ones being some of the most obvious. One has to accept a heck of a lot of untestable metaphysical assertions to prefer a karmic explanation of why someone is born in Botswana over one that posits that their ancestors lived around there. The point about ideologies, stated simply, is that they promote world views which justify (in the case of dominant ideologies) or challenge (in the case of counter-ideologies) power relationships. The karma theory makes everyone responsible for their own circumstances and thus tends to support the status quo. If you are an untouchable now it is because you behaved badly in a previous life. Those who oppress you can blame you for your fate and content themselves that their oppression of you is merely the vehicle for you to punish yourself. A similar pattern of blame the victim has been identified by Barbara Ehrenreich in Smile or Die: How Positive Thinking Fooled America and the Worldd. Best yoga 2016.

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