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Best yoga youtube for For special life-cycle events such as births, marriages, and anniversaries, candles are lit and food and flowers are offered by the head of the family while relatives sit on the floor with their heads bowed in respect. Texts Because of its diverse and ancient origins Shinto does not have a definitive written text. In the eighth century, however, in an attempt to distinguish Shinto from Buddhism and Confucianism, two ancient histories were written, the Kojiki Records of Ancient Matters written in and the Nihongi Chronicles of Japan written in to record the oral traditions of Shinto history and mythology. Also written at about this time were the Kogoshui, a history of early Japan, and the Manyoshu, a collection of ancient poems. Two other documents that are considered part of the Shinto scripture are the Shinsen Shojiroku, a comprehensive list of families written in and the Engishiki, relating the codes of the Engi Era written in about These all describe Shinto legends, poems, and ceremonial practices as well as codes for behavior and action. Festivals The purpose of all festivals is to express Japanese pride and patriotism. Best yoga youtube photos, Best yoga youtube 2016.

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