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Best yoga workouts on The Alvars composed their poems in Tamil rather than the sacred brahmanical language of Sanskrit. Both groups worshipped Krsna/Visnu. In Pancaratra thought, god, souls and the universe are all ultimately identical, though even in emancipation there remains some kind of division between them. Such division is typical of devotional theologies where god is understood as a higher being to be worshipped rather than one s own inner being to be discovered. The fifteenth-century bhakta Ramprasada encapsulates this sentiment in his famous statement, I don t want to be god, I want to taste god. To the Pancaratrins god is known as Vasudeva, who is always united with his power (sakti), known as Sri, an idea that is shared by many tantric systems. The most characteristic feature of Pancaratra thought is the theory of vyuhas (emanations), each of which manifests two of god s six qualities (guna). Best yoga workouts 2016.

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