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Best yoga tanks for When Guru Arjun was killed by the Mughals in his son, Har Gobind, succeeded him and instilled a sense of Sikh militancy in his followers to protect the expanding religion from outside forces, which in turn exacerbated the persecution by the Mughal rulers. The ninth guru, Tega Bahadur, was beheaded by the Mughals. He was succeeded by the tenth and final guru, Gobind Singh, who greatly strengthened Sikhs by establishing a military defense group known as the Khalsa the Brotherhood of the Pure that still remains. Guru Gobind Singh bolstered the political, social, and religious aspects of Sikhism. Shortly before his death in Guru Gobind Singh declared himself as the final guru and stated that the writings of the Granth Sahib would be the authority from which the Sikh community would be governed. Sikh warriors were active in the demise of the Mughul Empire in the eighteenth century and were able to carve out a kingdom in the Punjab under the leadership of Ranjit Singh by the end of the century. When Singh, who became the leader of the Punjab region, died in however, the kingdom soon collapsed and was absorbed by the British Empire. Best yoga tanks photos, Best yoga tanks 2016.


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