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Best yoga routine for The bombo who reside in Puya which is located in the southwest and closely resembles the world of the living communicate with relatives still alive by appearing in dreams or through religious specialists who contact them on behalf of relatives. Deata, the fourth conception of the soul, are bombo who transcend Puya and move to the world of the gods and the life-force in the northwest where they become ancestor spirits who receive offerings and protect their descendants living on earth. The Tarahumara of northern Mexico also equate the soul with breath, and their name for the soul iwigala means to breathe. They believe that the soul is found in the heart a com- SOUL mon belief in many Western cultures as well and that air to support the soul moves directly from the windpipe to the heart. The soul is linked to night and death and is often in a state opposite that of the living body. Thus, when a person is cold, his soul is hot and so on. When sleeping, the soul may wander outside the body and keep watch over the individual. Best yoga routine photos, Best yoga routine 2016.

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