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Many office workers and professional women also mistakenly believe that they have had plenty of exercise❠during the workday and that what they should do after their day’s work has been completed is rest. Of course, this is true to a certain extent but rest will not work out those conditions of tension, sluggishness and stiffness in the back, shoulders and legs that have resulted from the day’s activities. Health and beauty must be renewed on a daily basis; you cannot play golf or tennis on the weekend, have an occasional massage or steam bath and expect to maintain true suppleness and flexibility of spine, joints and limbs.

Yoga is the perfect answer, since only a brief, enjoyable period is necessary to overcome tension on a daily basis. Naturally, no worker has much of a desire to engage in the leaping about of calisthenics when she finishes work. But Yoga will not drain energy; its movements are pleasant and stimulating. Here is our suggestion to the housewife., office worker and. professional woman: at the end of the’workday spend five to ten minutes in performing the Chest Expansion, Back Stretch, Simple Twist and Complete Breathy Stretching is the key to relieving tension and releasing energy. A few minutes, so spent before dinner, will revitalize you for the remainder of the evening.

Many of our students take a minute or two during their coffee break or lunch hour to stretch their bacKs and limbs with a modified Chest Expansion. Always remember that a stiff and tense body must detract from the efficiency of the mind.

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