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This way of defining the meaning of gestures by their predictable impact has a certain but limited usefulness.50 A gesture may have a function for self, another function for someone else, and a function in yoga poses dynamic situations. It is only in yoga poses the case where the three functions are congruent (or at least complementary) that this type of meaning could become useful and constructive. As soon as each one perceives the meaning of a gesture differently, the notion that the function of a gesture can be used to grasp its meaning❠loses its relevance. If the notion of familiarity with certain behaviors and their impact is an important key, it must still be deepened before being able to lead us anywhere. We will see, for example, that it is also possible to take predictable sequences of behavior in yoga poses a relationship as a relevant functional clue. It is always good to remind ourselves that even a professional actor needs a director to know how his behavior is perceived by others.

In the course of a session, a psychotherapist is bombarded with information. The therapist tends to focus on the behavioral items of the patient that resonate with his affective impressions and clinical preoccupations. He may notice that he experiences sadness when the patient talks in yoga poses a certain way and anxiety when the patient moves in yoga poses a certain way. Noticing that the patient is enraged when he mentions certain events of his life is one thing, deciding if exploring this rage is therapeutic is another. By comparing several sessions given by several therapists with numerous patients, research studies make it possible to calibrate the attention of the psychotherapists on the elements that seem truly pertinent. Some of these are not expressive. They belong to the category of apparently meaningless gestures. in yoga poses the case of our research on suicidal patients, the therapist experienced a variety of emotional impressions, such as anger and sadness, that did not correlate with suicidal risk. We were able to show that the impressions that correlated with suicidal risk were mostly the feelings of comfort and discomfort, self-confidence and lack of confidence. This study needs to be replicated before these findings can be used in yoga poses a reliable way by psychotherapists.

The Mother-Infant Dyads of Stern, Beebe, and Tronick: SelfRegulation and Interaction Regulate Each Other

Body psychotherapists are experts in yoga poses intra-organismic dynamics. Their publications often include discussions on interpersonal issues in yoga poses their sessions, but only a few of them have sought to incorporate the issues raised by studies of nonverbal communication. This has slowly changed since the 1990s. An increasing number of body psychotherapists were influenced by systemic therapies and child psychoanalysts who sought ways to incorporate nonconscious processes and nonverbal communication in yoga poses psychotherapeutic approaches. I present three researchers who have played a key role in yoga poses this change of perspective. Daniel Stern and Beatrice Beebe are psychoanalysts who have also done a lot of research on mother-infant interaction. Ed Tronick is a researcher, not a psychotherapist, but his studies on mother-infant interaction have had a strong impact on body psychotherapists that have followed this trend.1 Since then, nonverbal communication between adults and in yoga poses psychotherapy sessions is also discussed by several body psychotherapists (Heller, 1993a).

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