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This vignette poses the problem of the coordination of sensorimotor schemas in yoga poses the course of an interaction. It is not possible to feed a baby comfortably unless a greater number of activities are coordinated toward the goal. When a mother adds speech to what she is doing, such coordination is often automatically set in yoga poses place. The very young child does not understand what is being said when the mother moves the spoon to his mouth and says “here is the spoon,” but he does notice that the voice, the regard, movement of the torso, and movement of the hand all coordinate in yoga poses such a way as to bring the spoon comfortably into his mouth.

To move while talking coordinates the mother and helps her attend to what she is doing with the baby with greater care. Even if she experiences frustration at that moment because she cannot focus on the television, the relationship between herself and her baby becomes more comfortable. It is a history of choices, of priorities not always easy to establish. in yoga poses this example, the two practices (feeding the infant and looking at television) are conscious conflicting choices.

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We notice, in yoga poses passing, that in yoga poses this little family scene, the contingency between the behavior of the mother and that of the infant is weak, especially because she dissociates by looking at the television.

We find a mother who, in yoga poses a more subtle way than in yoga poses other examples that I have given in yoga poses the sections dedicated to Beebe and Tronick, seems to avoid too many contingencies in yoga poses her communication to preserve a private zone for herself.

Micro-practices build themselves up in yoga poses the organism in yoga poses function of the needs of auto-regulation and interpersonal regulation. An infant will develop a repertoire that manifests itself differently when he interacts with his father, his mother, or both together (Fivaz-Depeursinge and Corboz-Warnery, 1999). His behavioral repertoire also varies in yoga poses function of the mood of either one of his parents and of his own mood. The dynamics of an individual’s repertoire of micro-practices constitutes his capacity to adapt to his entourage and his drives. I would even say that a practice is a regulatory system between certain propensities and certain social practices.

As an adult, an individual comes to psychotherapy with the know-how that constitutes the dynamics of his organism Downing’s approach to psychotherapy is centered on that know-how and with its capacity to accommodate as constructively as possible to a variety of social environments. Once a micro-practice has been observed, he reconstructs, with the patient, the history of this practice in yoga poses the patient’s life and explores different ways of using this practice. The exact mixture of affect, sensorimotor functioning, and representations that characterize this practice gradually establishes itself.

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