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In other words, there would be seven columns in yoga poses our matrix to identify the behavior of the hand. The coder codes what he sees, one dimension at a time. He codes the position of the hand in yoga poses the sagittal dimension at the beginning of the film, and waits until there is another movement of the hand in yoga poses the sagittal dimension. He then stops the image, and notes the new position on the line that corresponds to the moment inscribed on a timer which has been set on each image (e.g., line 10 for the tenth image). When an individual moves very little, the work is quickly done; when he moves his hand all the time, the work of coding can last a week, doing it part-time (no one can code full-time because the work demands too much attention).

A coder thus develops an impression that a person who moves all the parts of the body all the time will require much more work than a person who moves very little. This creates an impression that a person who moves a lot is necessarily tiring for all the brains that perceive his behavior and for the brain that emits all of these gestures. Because of this impression, he ventures the hypothesis that to move all the time is therefore necessarily a mobilization of the attention of all those concerned. in yoga poses real life, we notice that, faced with an individual who moves all the time, most people distance themselves and quiet their senses to protect themselves, or they are obliged to be completely awake, as happens sometimes with a clown or a comedian. These relational issues are independent of the content transmitted by the gestures.

The first robust conclusions that his type of research allows is that there is so much more going on at the level of behavior than is consciously detected. This is the daily experience of someone who codes films. Each day, he has to concentrate on a few behavioral dimensions; each day he discovers other manifest aspects in yoga poses the gestures of his subjects that he has not previously perceived.

Today, the researchers hope that new technologies will make it possible to complete these analyses automatically. While waiting for this technology, most researchers focus on a few body dimensions a few moments at a time (typically during a few minutes), selecting samples in yoga poses a film that seems crucial in yoga poses a given theoretical frame.

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