Best Yoga Poses For Sex

Best Yoga Poses For Sex

Bellows Breath (Breath of Fire) Bhastrika Pranayama

As the name suggests, this breathing practice stokes the inner fire and burns away impurities in the body and mind as well as past karma. It’s believed to purify the blood, awaken the solar plexus, and expand lung capacity as well as improve the digestive system and metabolism. It may also strengthen the nervous system and help regulate the endocrine system. The variation with your arms in a V, for victory, is called the “Ego Eradicator”; it calls on our will to go beyond the limitations of our thinking. It should only be practiced once you have mastered the other three breathing practices. If keeping your arms up is too challenging, place your hands on your belly to feel the pumping of your navel.

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1 Begin in any comfortable seated position with your spine long and chest open.

2 Inhale your arms above your head and exhale them into a V shape on either side of your head. Draw your shoulders down but actively stretch your arms out.

3 Open your hands wide and bend your fingers into the top pads of your hands with your thumbs sticking straight out. Turn your upper arms out and roll your shoulders back.

4 Take a deep breath into your belly, filling it with as much air as you can, and exhale your navel strongly back toward your spine. Begin pumping the breath in and out in equal inhales and exhales, instead of only the exhales as we did in Cleansing Breath Pose, like a bellows fanning a fire.

5 This breath is timed, so start with 1 minute, then 2, and work up to 5. Some yogis do this practice f 30 minutes continuously. Start out with a slow rhythm and eventually pick up the pace to a rapid one.

6 If your arms get tired, take them above your head with your thumbs touching and return them back down to a V. When your session is over, stretch your arms above you and hold the exhale with your chin in toward your chest. Then inhale deeply, slowly releasing your arms to your sides.

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