Best Yoga Poses For Runners

Best Yoga Poses For Runners

Sitali Pranayama

This breathing practice is both fun and funny looking! It soothes anxiety, anger, agitation, and stress. Once you get the hang of it, you can use this breath when you’re overheated, overstimulated, overwhelmed, have insomnia, or need to chill out. It also helps curb thirst and hunger. There are two ways to practice this; if the first variation is not accessible, try the second.

1 Begin in Easy Pose Pose or Hero’s Pose Pose with padding under your hips, and root down an lengthen your spine. Draw your shoulders back and open your chest. Place your hands palms up on your thighs with your thumbs touching your pinky fingers. This is a mudra that stimulates the water element in the body. Find a point of focus with your gaze in front of you, and tune in to the natural rhythm of your breath with your mouth closed, breathing in and out though your nose.

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2 After a few breaths, make an O-shape with your lips to curl your tongue as you stick it out about % inch, making it resemble a straw. Inhale through your tongue into your belly, draw your tongue back into your mouth, and exhale through your nose, contracting the lower ribs. Again, sip the breath in through your curled tongue and exhale through your nose. You’ll feel a cooling sensation on your tongue as you inhale and a slight heating sensation on the exhale, tuning you in to the body’s natural ventilation system.

3 If you can’t curl your tongue, line up your top and bottom teeth and separate your lips. Breathe in through the gaps in your teeth and exhale through your nose. You will immediately feel the cooling air coming in, along with a little salivation, which is part of the hydrating and cooling process. Exhale through your nose.

4 Practice either variation in steps 2 and 3 for 3 to 5 minutes and pause to feel the cooling effects.

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