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Best yoga poses for men on The relationships between different parts are often obscure and, on occasions, statements in one part seem to conflict with those in another. One reason for this, as suggested above, may be that since the principal commentators on the sutras were not members of Patanjali s own lineage, traditional interpretations are, in places, at variance with Patanjali s own intentions and ultimately the cause of the incoherence. Western exegesis has, unfortunately, been overly influenced by such traditional interpretations and consequently failed to render the text intelligible to the Western reader. It may be that such a task is impossible because the teachings of the sutras as presently constituted are unintelligible, though my own view is that they are intelligible if interpreted with the assumption that Patanjali set out to present us with a coherent teaching in mind. VEDANTA The Vedanta tradition is primarily concerned with constructing an interpretation of the Upanisads, which, as noted above, constitute the end portion of the Veda (Veda-anta). By the time when newly compiled Upanisads could no longer be clearly linked with one or other of the Vedic schools (sakha),51 which was probably sometime during the period when the great epics were being composed,52 it became evident that there was considerable disagreement among Vedantins about both central issues and technical details of Upanisadic teaching.53 As Thibaut surmises, The followers of the different Vedic sakhas no doubt recognized already at an early period the truth that, while conflicting statements regarding the details of sacrifice can be got over by the assumption of a vikalpa, i. Best yoga poses for men 2016.

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