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The Statistical Analysis of the Derived Matrixes. Once a researcher has a series of derived matrixes at his disposal, he finds himself faced with an enormous quantity of data, which his consciousness is incapable of managing. He therefore uses statistical programs that try to extract, in yoga poses function of certain rules of research, particularly characteristic schemas that correlate with known variables. By known variables,❠I mean variables obtained independently of the films. For example, some relatively reliable tests allow one to determine a patient’s degree of depression and of anxiety. Some software can then search out which behaviors, in yoga poses the patient and therapist, correlate with the results of the tests of depression and anxiety of the patient.21

The difficulty (not yet resolved) is that the current statistics have been constructed to find significant correlations and differences when the researcher has, at his disposal, a small sample of data on a large number of subjects. in yoga poses nonverbal communication, we have the opposite situation: an enormous amount of data obtained on a ridiculously little cohort of subjects. Therefore, when one asks a statistical program to find correlations and differences, it often finds a great quantity of highly significant results. The only problem is that the mathematical bases foresee that when the statistical tests analyze a great amount of data obtained on small samples, it will find a large number of apparently very significant results that are, in yoga poses fact, due to chance.

We find this difficulty in yoga poses many domains that manipulate a large amount of data. This is the case in yoga poses the new explorations in yoga poses the neurosciences that generate photos of brain activity or of the research that finds correlations between cancer and just about anything. Evidently, new technologies allow us to scan reality in yoga poses a more refined and automatic fashion. To deal with this type of data, we need statistical theories and procedures that do not yet exist. This is one more reason not to throw ourselves into immense coding projects of nonverbal behavior. Even if we have the data, we are incapable of using them other than as sources of inspiration that allow us to present apparently convincing beautiful graphics. The same problem is evident in yoga poses the politics of health care. Some statisticians gather an impressive amount of data from practitioners (by imposing routines that are often a burden). Most of the time, once these data have been gathered, the only thing they can do with it is produce beautiful graphs that confirm the political position of the health systems. These statistics are presented to some political parties and the population as scientific❠proof of the soundness of the stated policies. in yoga poses fact, this is often nothing other than data manipulation, which shows that with statistics an expert is able to demonstrate many things.

To get out of this bind, the hard sciences rely on the replication of specific results to render a finding as robust as possible. Once a computer program has generated a list of highly significant❠results, research laboratories can try to replicate one of these results. They can use only a small portion of these results, using longer film samples and more subjects. This requires the participation of several laboratories that are as independent of one another as possible.

Paranoia. The research procedures that I have just described can be used as a highly simplified version of what a brain must be able to accomplish before it can generate a conscious representation of what is happening in yoga poses an interaction. A clinician may also draw inspiration from these procedures to revisit the notion of paranoia. The paranoid individual (with delusions of persecution) is traditionally considered as someone who hallucinates❠connections between events that allow him to think that everybody (or a group of individuals) wants to persecute him However, the statistical procedures we have just taken into consideration show that relatively coherent procedures make it possible to lead one to believe that there are coherent schemas that are actually products of the mind. There is no need to project or hallucinate to find schemas that feed the fear of being persecuted. It suffices to take as fact some rationally constructed observations. Furthermore, it is also true that some groups do try to persecute or manipulate other groups.

A true researcher is someone who knows all that and is not content to find some facts that seem convincing. That is why the ethics of science has developed a series of procedures (like having the replication of one’s experiments conducted by somebody one does not necessarily agree with) to try to find, in yoga poses the plethora of truths❠produced by the human imagination, a few islands of formulations that are as robust as possible. The notion of objectivity implies that a formulation is confirmed by heterogeneous procedures, one different from the others.

Situations and Dyads

Social psychology, at the beginning of the 1950s, sought to show that a group of interacting persons will generate behaviors that the individual members would not have if they were in yoga poses another group. in yoga poses other words, groups have properties different from those of their parts taken separately❠(Asch, 1952, 141).22 This type of research showed that the dynamics and organization of a group could influence the behavior of a member independently of the specific traits and conscious will of the individual.

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