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Best yoga poses core strength for Frees a viridis Geissorhiza COMMON NAMES satinflower, wine cup, FAMILY Iridaceae. Deciduous perennials. ROOTSTOCK a corm, globose to ovoid and asymmetric or bell-shaped, usually with a basal ridge from which the roots emerge, basal in origin, the tunics woody or rarely membranous to fibrous, concentric or overlapping, then notched below. LEAVES few to several, the lower two or three forming cataphylls, foliage leaves unifacial, usually with a definite midrib, two to several, the blades plane to round or Hshaped in cross section, sometimes the margins and or midrib raised and winged, sometimes hairy or sticky stem aerial, simple or branched, round in cross section, sometimes puberulous or scabrid, drooping in bud. INFLORESCENCE a spike, rarely the flowers solitary on the branches, the flowers usually spirally arranged bracts green and soft textured to membranous, the inner smaller than the outer and notched apically. FLOWERS rotate to salverform or cup-shaped, variously colored, often shades of blue to violet, also pink, yellow, cream, purple, red, or bicolored, actinomorphic or zygomorphic, unscented, sometimes with nectar, then from septal nectaries perianth tube short to long, funnel-shaped or cylindrical tepals subequal, the inner usually shorter than the outer, cupped or spreading from the base. STAMENS symmetrically disposed or unilateral and declinate, sometimes unequal with one filament shorter than the other two. Best yoga poses core strength photos, Best yoga poses core strength 2016.


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