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Then the yoga discourse travelled across the Atlantic. In the USA Orientalist writings and romanticism influenced writers like H.D. Thoreau, R.W. Emerson, Madame Blavatsky and Annie Besant (UK) (Albanese 2007, Syman 2010). These writers became central to the 19th century American esoteric movements like Transcendentalism (1830), Theosophy (1875) and Christian Science (1879). Here Asian religions received a strong positive reception and were mixed with a hodgepodge of European transcendental metaphysics, individual spirituality, perennial philosophy, Neo-Platonism, and romanticism. This esoteric cultural milieu became a global influential religio-political powerhouse.

Its agenda was to re-enchant a disenchanted materialist West and bring it some regeneration by means of the spiritual East and its wisdom traditions’ (McMahan 2008). It was a cultural milieu, which was on one hand hostile to many of the institutions and discourses of modernity. On the other hand, paradoxically, the milieu was simultaneously orientated by and expressed the tacit assumptions of the very same modernity. Here – in this subsystem of modernity – developed ideas about how some of the Asian cultural practices could help the individual to cultivate spiritual experiences’ enabling a realisation of an ontological identity’ with the whole. It seems that it is within this American esoteric milieu that the main public interest in yoga remained among the cultural elite as romanticism diffused in popular literature, film, and music.

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