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Best yoga nidra cd for Gladwin and Sarason For the Ganda of Uganda, beliefs in ghosts went well beyond the individual experience and were an important component of their indigenous religion. In general ghosts were seen as benevolent and as providers of good fortune to members of the kinship they had belonged to. Shrines were built for ghosts and at the door beer was provided to quench their thirst and firewood and clothes to protect them from the cold. So long as people attended to ghosts in these ways that acknowledged thanks for the ghostshelp, ghosts would cause no harm. However, if these responsibilities were neglected, or the grave was neglected, or heirs to the deceased not chosen in a timely fashion, ghosts could cause harm, by possessing a person and causing him or her to fall ill. Typical of ghost sickness was general malaise or mild insanity in which the ill person had fits. These illnesses required the intervention of a healer who burnt herbs to drive the ghost out of the victim’s body and SUPERNATURAL BEINGS restore health. Best yoga nidra cd photos, Best yoga nidra cd 2016.

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