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The Yoga between exercise and increased mental agility is well proven by science, but now research is showing that different activities can have specific effects on your brain, from improving memory to slowing down brain ageing. ‘Particular exercises – from running to yoga – at particular intensities, can definitely affect brain functions,’ confirms British neuroscientist Dr Ben Martynoga.

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‘Scientists are showing that specific physical activities can markedly alter the structure of the brain in precise ways.’ Duration and regularity of exercise can also make a difference, it would seem. A recent US study, published in The Lancet PsychiatryJournal, found that regular physical activity for 45 minutes, three to five times a week can significantly improve poor mental health.

Of the 1.2m participants, those who exercised reported 1.5 fewer poor days of mental health a month than nonexercisers. Working out every other day was the best way to consistently lift mood. Whether you want to sharpen your focus or improve your creativity, here’s what you should be doing…

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