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Having specified what is meant by the organization of an interaction, researchers were able to refine their analysis. They are no longer content to simply add up individual behaviors. They move, above all, to analyzing the way an individual behavior inserts itself into the organization of a dyad. I will provide examples in yoga poses my discussion of Stern, Beebe, and Tronick (chapter 21). Here are two typical dyadic variables:

1. Software is able to compute how many times the protagonists look into each other’s eyes.

2. A program is able to calculate the number of times a person interrupts the other.

In these two examples, it is the relationship between the two persons that is studied. These data could not have been analyzed if the camera had only filmed one of the two protagonists. Another kind of dyadic data is the temporal organization of the behaviors of individuals in yoga poses interaction. For example, Joseph Jaffe and his collaborators (2002) analyzed the rhythm in yoga poses the exchange of sounds between newborns and adults. Certain relationships have a faster rhythm than others.

In the case of studies on the relationship between a mother and a newborn, the infant does not have the means to structure the relationship in yoga poses a conscious way. He reacts in yoga poses a local manner to each event, without being able to become aware of what constructs itself between him and his close ones. Research shows that even in yoga poses adults, setting up the organization of an interaction is mostly nonconscious. This organization is structured by a few conscious variables for the adults (e.g., cultural norms) and by a succession of events that organize themselves without anyone really understanding how. Individuals have the tendency to feel that they are making a particular gesture for a conscious reason and another gesture for another reason without being able to understand what is organizing itself (in them and around them) while all of these local actions are taking place. Mary Catherine Bateson (1994) analyzes this type of schema between behaviors and thoughts by showing that people often have the impression that they are improvising. in yoga poses systemic therapy for couples in yoga poses crisis, this lack of mastery is particularly striking.

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