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Best yoga los angeles for Buddhists are not subject to such treatment as they wipe but do not wash. For the Sinhalese of Sri Lanka, illness or even supernatural punishment might result from the transgression of sexual mores, particularly if a man has intercourse with a woman who is a relative. SYNCRETIC RELIGIONS And the Mbuti of Central Africa attribute some illnesses or even death to violations of taboos involving the totemic animal of the individual’s group. For example, if the totem is a chimpanzee, the individual may not kill it, eat it, eat from a container that held its flesh, or even eat berries, the chimp s favorite food. To avoid violating the taboos and becoming ill, the Mbuti will avoid chimps and hide or flee from them in the forest. Animistic Explanations In animistic explanations, illnesses are caused by a supernatural being such as a spirit, soul, or ghost and are of two types soul loss and spirit aggression. Soul loss, although a worry in many societies where people believe that the soul leaves the body during sleep, is not cited as a major cause of illness in any society, is unimportant as a cause of illness in a minority of societies, and not cited at all as a cause in most societies. Best yoga los angeles photos, Best yoga los angeles 2016.

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