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Best yoga long island for Sl’PLRN.VI TKAL EXPLANATIONS iOR ILLNKSS Explanations for illness and death across cultures cite either natural causes or supernatural causes. While natural causes such as infection, accident, or stress are usually cited in modern societies that rely primarily on Western medicine for health care, most nonWestern cultures in the past and to some extent today attribute illness and death to supernatural causes. And in nearly all cultures out of cultures in one survey at least some types of illness are attributed to the actions of supernatural forces. This belief is found in all regions of the world and is especially strong in cultures in East Asia and the Mediterranean region. Another survey indicates that in percent of traditional non-Western cultures, all or most illness is attributed to supernatural forces, including witchcraft and sorcery. However, beliefs in witchcraft and sorcery as major causes of illness mainly occur in different cultures if people in a culture believe strongly in one of these, they will probably not believe strongly in the other. Best yoga long island photos, Best yoga long island 2016.

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