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Best yoga leggings for Spirit aggression, on the other hand, is the major supernatural explanation for illness and death across cultures. It is the primary causal factor in percent of cultures and an important cause in another percent of cultures. In many cultures, spirits who cause disease are minor ones sometimes they are spirits whose main activity is causing disease, in other cultures ancestors unhappy with their descendants, and in other cultures ghosts, again unhappy with those left behind. In only a small minority of cultures do major spirits or gods concern themselves with the health of individuals. Magical Explanations This type of illness explanation attributes disease and often death to the actions of humans who use magical means to cause others to fall ill or die. These include the evil eye, sorcery, and witchcraft, all three of which are fairly common across cultures as explanations for illness. See also DREAMS EVIL EYE MAGIC POSSESSION AND TRANCE PURITY AND POLLUTION RELIGIOUS SPECIALISTS SHAMANISM SORCERY SOUL SUPERNATURAL BEINGS WITCHCRAFT. Best yoga leggings photos, Best yoga leggings 2016.

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