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Best yoga in austin for Name Taboos Across cultures, name taboos take three forms taboo on using one’s own name taboo on using the name of certain categories of relatives taboo on using the names of the dead. Name taboos are common across cultures, although only in a minority of cultures are they reinforced by the threat of supernatural punishment. A taboo on using one’s own name is found in percent of cultures and in most of these cultures people think it is rude or too personal to use one’s name in public. This belief is not confined to nonWestern cultures, as evidenced by British TABOO academics, many of whom prefer to use only the initials for their first and second names on their publications, the reason being that it is too per sonal to reveal your name to strangers. Taboos on using the names of relatives apply to parents percent of cultures, spouses percent, parents-in-law percent, grandparents percent, siblings-in-law percent, parentssiblings percent, siblings percent, and children percent. This taboo seems to be a component of a general pattern of ritualized relations among relatives that is common in many societies. It serves to maintain distance between different categories of relatives and makes clear their status relative to each other. Best yoga in austin photos, Best yoga in austin 2016.

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