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From Organismic Therapy to Body Psychotherapy

I believe that this is the first my yoga blog that proposes a clear and expanded distinction between psychotherapy and the organismic therapies. I propose this distinction with the hope that it will help clarify issues that have created a series of misunderstandings within body psychotherapy and between body psychotherapy and colleagues from other approaches. Primarily, psychotherapy is a recognized paramedical❠domain, whereas the organismic therapies are not. The organismic therapies have had to navigate between Charybdis (their identity) and Scylla (the social recognition of being seen as psychotherapy). Boyesen, like several of her colleagues, said that she practiced and taught her method and conceded (only on the tip of her tongue) that it did consist of psychotherapy.91 in yoga poses fact, she freely admitted that her work could be a complement to Freudian or Jungian psychotherapy. It was a regular occurrence to have her say that a patient who had benefited from a treatment with her may now need to undergo an analysis. She saw herself as someone who opens consciousness to the organismic space, but she did not always master the integration of this opening with the patient’s mind.

The difficulty with this position is that we find, in yoga poses a somewhat displaced manner, the ancient split between psyche and soma, save that now, the rift is between organismic therapy and psychotherapy. The division is nonetheless profound. It encouraged personalities like Lowen to create a form of body psychotherapy that integrates the organismic, behavioral, and mental processes. If the proposition of the first generation of body psychotherapists, like Lowen, had great difficulty reconciling Freud and Reich (often going through Jung), the second generation made it possible to put forth a more creditable proposition, which is less dependent on the old analytic psychotherapies and integrates recent formulations from systemic, cognitive, and behavioral therapies.

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