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Best yoga headbands for It later evolved into a religion with many different manifestations and dominated China for several centuries before being supplanted by Buddhism. Taoism still has many adherents throughout the world and its philosophy remains an important influence in Asia and has a growing following in many other parts of the world. Historic Development Taoism dates back to the period of Warring States in China and received influences from many different philosophies developing then. Lao Tzu is considered the founder of Taoism, based on his teachings described in the Tao Te Ching. It is unclear whether Lao Tzu was a legendary or historic figure. The classic Chinese book Chuang Tzu, which is named after its author, states that Lao Tzu was a Taoist master who was an elder contemporary of Confucius in the third century B.C. Best yoga headbands photos, Best yoga headbands 2016.

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