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Best yoga for athletes for A key feature of vision quests is that once the person acquires supernatural power, he or she may use that power without having to call again upon the assistance of the spirits. Sometimes also classified as vision quests are experiences where a person sees or hears a spirit, without deliberately seeking to do so. In these situations, however, the person does not usually obtain supernatural power but rather a spirit guardian whom he or she can call upon in times of need. For example, the Aymara of Peru do not engage in vision quests, but individuals who become religious practitioners, which requires the ability to communicate with the spirits, obtain their status through a vision. The vision usually takes place in a remote region when the person is knocked unconscious by lightning and upon regaining consciousness recalls his vision and tells others about it. Vision quests of all types are an important means of interacting with the supernatural world and obtaining supernatural power among Native American peoples of North America and to a lesser extent South America as well, although there is much variation in the actual components of the quest and its purposes both across and within cultures. For example, cultures on the Plains and in the Northwest used deliberate quests to obtain power, while in California cultures only some individuals were visited by spirits, usually in dreams, and only they obtained spirit guardians. Best yoga for athletes photos, Best yoga for athletes 2016.

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