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Homeostasis and Social Behavior

I went from the idea that an oyster can only make an oyster shell; a snail, a snail shell; and that a city is nothing other than a shell constructed by a living organism: a human society. (Laborit, 1989, La vie anterieure, 10.1, p. 187; translated by Marcel Duclos)

In humans, the mechanisms of homeostatic regulation often function in association with the mechanisms of relational and social regulation. The regulation of an infant’s temperature cannot be maintained without the help of the parents.23 In a land as cold as Scandinavia, parents would not be able to help their children maintain an adequate temperature if they did not have the proper clothing, housing, and heating systems. It is therefore possible to think that the homeostatic systems of socialized species, like ants and humans, are carried out in social dynamics.

The homeostatic mechanisms of humans only function if they receive a constant social support. Physicians allow themselves to have social requirements (in the matter of hygiene, of nutrition, etc.), which go far beyond the care dispensed to particular organisms. The interpenetration of all of these mechanisms is of an unheard-of complexity that Cannon could not study with the limited means of a laboratory. He contented himself to study the homeostatic mechanisms situated in an organism, that is, the mechanisms that coordinate behavior and the demands of the internal environment. He analyzes, for example, what motivates an organism to seek out the shade, sweat, and drink when the temperature of the ambient air increases. Like most of the authors I have already mentioned, Cannon situates the affects in the center of what coordinates behavior and physiology. The affects would be one of the tools that permit the organism to coordinate mind, behavior, and physiological needs.

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