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Metabolism and Respiration

As soon as a practitioner attends to the respiration of his patients, he notices that some people can be considered oxygen anorexics.❠When he asks his patients to breathe deeply, many feel dizzy.❠They need to reduce the volume of their respiration or reduce the increase of metabolic energy by moving, or by hyperventilating. The reeducation of the metabolism of respiration cannot be accomplished only in the context of psychotherapy, because such a change requires the regular practice of breathing exercises, as this is done in pranayama training, in the Pilates method, in sports, and so on. Thus certain forms of hyperactivity (constant chatter, the need to move incessantly, etc.) can be explained by a physiological incapacity to digest❠an increase of the metabolic activity.

The following is a way to explain anorexic❠respiration, that is presently taught in several body psychotherapy schools (e.g., in Bioenergetics analysis):

1. The capacity to metabolize more oxygen allows the organism to produce more metabolic energy.

2. Energy is stored with difficulty, or sometimes in a harmful way for the physiological dynamics (storage of lipids, for example). It must be expended, discharged through action.

3. The increase of metabolic activity due to an increase of oxygen creates an increase in the feeling of vitality and a reinforcement of affective dynamics.

4. If the environment does not tolerate this vitality, the organism learns to reduce its metabolic activity to avoid a sense of frustration that it cannot manage and to protect the organism from painful reprisals.

I have observed this vicious circle, for example, in patients whose parents needed to be protected from the intensity of their children’s needs.36 Other persons act before having the need to (eat as soon as they are aware of the slightest hunger, masturbate as soon as there is the slightest sexual desire, etc.). In this group, we often find individuals who have little tolerance for frustration and who act impulsively. They prefer many small frustrations to intense ones.

As we can see in these examples, metabolism is a dimension the psychotherapist has not learned to understand in a detailed manner, but which could be useful to him to keep in mind. Reducing the intake of oxygen reduces the metabolic activity and consequently the energetic charge that all the dimensions of the organism need to have available to them The relationship between the dimensions and metabolism is evidently cybernetic: the influence is asymmetrical (not of the same type) but reciprocal. Thus, the metabolic activity depends on breathing and eating behaviors. The available energy can then be dispensed in many ways: by moving, by thinking, by storing lipids, and so on. This domain is what the biochemists often call bioenergy.â37 In my point of view, it is mostly these chemical dynamics that make it possible to give an account of the whole of the energetic dynamics of an organism.

In the domain of body psychotherapy, Alexander Lowen proposed the term bioenergy to designate what Wilhelm Reich called the orgone. Charles Kelley followed a similar reasoning when he called Reich’s38 cosmic energy radix❠(root). The use of a scientific term to designate a notion considered unscientific in academia did reveal itself to be lucrative in terms of clients, but it reinforced the rupture that developed between academia and Reichian therapies. Even Reich would probably have objected to a procedure that is manifestly a mystification. To justify this approach, the neo-Reichians discredited the chemistry of the chemists as an inanimate mechanic; on the other hand, their Reichian energy was presented as being full of the vitality that generates the universe. Yet an inverse argument could be directed at these Reichians who reduce the chemical dynamics to something foolishly mechanical. They know so little about chemistry that they fail to grasp the unbelievable creativity that is activated thanks to the chemical and atomic operations. Enhancing the value of theories like that of the orgone often covers up ignorance of the chemical dynamics and their creativity, all the while wanting to give the impression of being omniscient.

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