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Best yoga dallas for When this happens, the only alternative is to take action to undo the misfortune, which in most WITCHCRAFT cultures and most situations requires the skill and knowledge of a ritual specialist who is often called a shaman, medicine man, witch doctor, sorcerer, or curer. Sometimes the specialist is a general practitioner who deals with all supernatural matters, not just witchcraft, in other cases he or she might be a witchcraft specialist. For example, the Santal in India have three types of practitioners Ojha, who have the power to reverse all types of evil Sakha sorcerers, who can identify witches and the Jan Guru, who are specially trained to find witches. These ritual specialists work by either performing rituals that reverse the misfortune or by identifying the witch. Ritual reversal often takes the form of curing the illness caused by the witch, which often involves removing the foreign object placed in the victim s body by the witch. For example, Iroquois specialists would use poultices applied to the body, massage, and sucking cures to remove objects such as balls of fur or stones from the victim’s body. In many cultures successful treatment is often followed by rituals designed to protect the victim from future attacks. Best yoga dallas photos, Best yoga dallas 2016.

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