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Whole new patterns of interaction and lifestyles emerged slowly among the professional female middle class. Gradually young women delayed having children to a later phase in life. The most pressing dream was no longer to rock the cradle and look after the husband. Instead of the family they increasingly found their engagement, values, interests and involvement outside the family. In their leisure time they wanted to go to the movies, theatres and concerts. At night and at weekends they wanted to have fun and go dancing and partying – to be out with friends. In their holidays they wanted to travel and experience the world. They wanted a career and were not just satisfied with being the boss’s secretary, but actually hoped to become the boss’s boss. They started to become project managers, editors, analysts, designers, consultants, heads of department and so on in the new dominant industries and state sectors of corporate capitalism.

Later on in this chapter we shall see how these conditions around the 1990s had reached a critical mass, which allowed yoga culture to take off. These huge numbers of independent metropolitan young women created the conditions for yoga culture to leave the edges of society and move into the mainstream. Later in this chapter we will return to this crucial situation of yoga culture gaining critical mass.

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