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This attempt to have everything start from the mechanisms of the amoeba is sometimes useful,16 but a bit too simplistic for the clinician:

1. In isolating oneself from others and in opening up to oneself, as in meditation, there can be a particular form of pleasure. Therefore, the turning in on oneself and the parasympathetic activity are not only manifestations of anxiety. Similarly, the dispersion in communication, aggression, sympathetic activity, and even sexual contact can also be manifestations of anxiety. Expansion is not only pleasure.

2. The two phases of the amoeba differentiated themselves to form a larger repertoire of reactions. Hibernation, relaxation, and immobilization are three forms of withdrawal from surrounding activity that have different functions, even if they all require an activation of the parasympathetic system Thus, sleep allows the parasympathetic functions to repair certain psychophysiological functions to restore the forces of the organism, whereas nothing is repaired when the organism withdraws all that it can from the periphery of the body to protect itself from a predator

This discussion indicates how Bernard’s approach made it possible to coordinate apparently purely physiological mechanisms with global behavioral dynamics that mobilize the organism almost in its entirety.

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