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Metabolism and Nutrition

All the passing moods have a constructive value for the organism, if we admit that they are a type of homeostatic regulation (anxiety before an exam can be useful) to a situation whose contours are relatively clear. As soon as a mood becomes habitual, it associates with a multitude of regulatory mechanisms of the organism. If this mood inserts itself in a person’s character, it ends up becoming a permanent form of regulation for the organism By associating itself so profoundly with a particular mood, it makes them less available to other moods. The organism therefore loses its flexibility and diminishes its capacity to adapt.

I take the case of the depressive affect in a person who suffers from obesity30 to detail the deep-rooted nature of a mood in the physiological dynamics of an organism To do so, I detail a part of the connections between depression and the consumption of carbohydrates:

1. For example, consider an obese person who must often follow a diet to fight against cardiovascular problems, an excess of bad cholesterol, a reduction of respiratory capacity, or joint pains.

2. Most of the proposed diets require lowering the consumption of carbohydrates, like pasta, bread, and potatoes.31 This change in eating habits can favor the onset of depressive feelings brought about by the sadness that the loss of rituals or the loss of the dishes that define a way of life to which a person is identified.

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