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Best yoga 2012 nyc for The culture that has drawn the most attention for its use of human sacrifice is the Aztec state of pre-Columbian Mexico. Compared to any other known culture, the Aztec were at the far extreme in the use of human sacrifice and also in the practice of cannibalism. Sacrifice was a central feature of the Aztec religious system, with the human heart and blood believed to be the ultimate source of power for the sun and Aztec deities. During the two annual ceremonial cycles of and days, it is estimated that about humans were sacrificed in hundreds of temples throughout the Aztec empire. There were at least such temples in the capital city of Tenochtitlan. The victims were usually warriors captured and kept alive to be sacrificed or enslaved. While a variety of killing methods was used, the preferred method was cutting the victim open on a stone slab, removing the heart into a ceremonial vessel, smearing blood on the carved image of the god, and placing the skull on a skull rack alongside thousands of others. Best yoga 2012 nyc photos, Best yoga 2012 nyc 2016.

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