Best Ways To Increase Your Training Intensity

A If you’re looking to progress your running, it’s always best to focus on increasing your training time rather than your mileage. This allows you to progress in small steps rather than trying to do too much, too soon and ending up exhausted, disillusioned or even injured. If you’re just starting out and have been mixing walking and running, as the running gets easier you can gradually reduce the amount of time you spend walking and increase the length of your running bouts.

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A running app such as Couch to 5K can guide you through this process. Or use a running watch to keep track of your time. If you’re already running continuously, your aim should now be to gradually extend the length of time you can run tor, rather than the speed at which you run. The key to success is to find a pace that feels comfortable for you and which you can sustain tor a decent period of time. This is often referred to as a ‘conversation pace’ – a speed at which you can chat easily to a training buddy while running. It you’re struggling to get a word out, you’re running too fast. It you can chat non stop, you may want to pick up your pace.

You should be feeling warm and a little breathless. Limit any increase in time to no more than 10 per cent per week. So, if you run tor 30 minutes, three times a week (a total of 90 minutes) you could increase the duration of your runs by a total of nine minutes the following week. Avoid running the same distance or the same route, day after day.

Keep it tun and interesting! Try running three days a week and complement this with cross-training exercise such as swimming or resistance training. This will benefit your running by building muscle strength and flexibility. And remember to work in one rest day for recovery, which is also key to improvement – it takes the body a few weeks to adapt to extra training load. Using this approach will not only help you progress safely, it will ensure you enjoy your running and stay motivated to continue. Good luck!

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