Best Ways to Get a Six Pack in a Month

The best way to get Flat abs is to Target Your Muscles From Every Angle, and Using a Swiss Ball Will Make You Work Even Harder!


Keep your hips high and squeeze your glutes to work your hamstrings and bottom as well as your core.


Do this exercise slowly and deliberately. Use your abs to lift and lower, rather than using momentum. NECK Keep your neck still throughout the move. If it starts to ache, support it with your hands, but be careful not to pull on it as you lift up.

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Reps: 12 Benefits: Increases your balance and body awareness as well as strengthening your core, glutes and hamstrings. Sit on the ball with your hands folded across your chest (A), then walk your feet slowly forwards as you lie back on the ball, stopping when the ball reaches your lower back. Your feet should be flat on the floor and your knees should be bent at a 90 degree angle. Keeping your body in a straight line from your shoulders to your knees, look up to the ceiling. Lift your shoulders as you flex at the waist (B) and raise your upper body to a sitting position. Pause for a second, then lower back slowly, keeping the tension in your abs at all times.

Best Ways to Get a Six Pack in a Month


Reps: 20 (10 each side) Benefits: Works the muscles at the front and sides of your waist (your obliques), and challenges your glutes and hamstrings. Get into position in the same way as in the Exercise ball crunch, walking forwards until the ball is under your shoulders. Extend your arms so they’re straight up with your palms together (A). Leading with your hands, roll to the left until your right shoulder comes off the ball and your arms are parallel to the floor (B). Return to position A, then twist to the other side.

Best Ways to Get a Six Pack in a Month


Reps: 8 Benefits: Works your upper and lower abs and your inner thighs, and helps improve co-ordination. Lie flat on the floor, arms stretched overhead, holding the Swiss ball between your ankles (A). Activate your core, then lift your arms and legs off the ground, still gripping the ball with your legs. Place your hands on the ball (B). Lower your arms and legs to the floor, taking the ball overhead. Repeat, passing the ball back to your feet. That’s one rep.

Best Ways to Get a Six Pack in a Month


Reps: 20 Benefits: A challenging move that works your core, your entire upper body and your balance Start lying face-down with your stomach in the middle of the ball and your hands on the floor. Walk your hands forwards so your feet or shins are resting on top of the ball and you’re in a press-up position with your abs tight and hands shoulder-width apart (A). Keeping your hips still, lift your right hand and tap your left shoulder (B). Return to (A) and repeat with the other arm.

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